Sunday, September 24, 2006

Look Out, Abercrombie! I love this picture! I took it yesterday at my cousin Bella's birthday party. This is my cousin and Bella's big brother Colby. Don't you just love the look? I think he's an Abercrombie model-in-training. This kid has so much bull with him that he's either going to be a lawyer or a used car salesman. He could sell ice to an Eskimo! He has also endeared himself to me for life by being a Saints fan. Love ya, Colby! You rock!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Princess Has Returned! Yep, I'm back! This has been a crazy couple of weeks as far as computer usage has been concerned. I've spent the last two weeks living in my FEMA trailer in Meraux, coming home only on weekends. I don't have the internet at the FEMA trailer, and it was down for over a week here in P.R. (I hate Charter!) Thankfully we're back up and running, and I won't have to spend as much time at the FEMA trailer since morning duty is over until December! Can I tell you that duty just stinks?! It's one of the few things about teaching that I truly dislike. One of the things I really like? Hanging out with my family. Don't you just love that picture? That's me with my sweet cousin Bella Grace at her second birthday party. She had a princess-themed party, and we had lots of fun. She was just too adorable! Last year Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ruined her first birthday. It was great to see her have fun with her cake and presents. Something else that's fun--New Orleans Saints football! I cannot wait until Monday night. The Superdome will have its grand re-opening, and my 2-0 Saints will be playing their first home game since the 2004 season. It is going to be awesome! Maybe I need to get a real tiara for that occasion. I've been lucky lately. Life has been good. I'm so happy to be back teaching at CHS. I love my students and my job. My family is wonderful. I love them so much. My house is almost finished. If everything continues to go according to schedule, we may be in by Halloween! Can you believe it? I need to post some new pics of the house. The walls have been painted, and the doors and trim are being installed. I get so excited everytime I'm in the parish. There is so much left to be done, but there is so much that has been done. Yep, life right now is definitely good!