Sunday, August 05, 2012

Olympic Commentary

I admit it.  I am an Olympic junkie.  I love it.  The fact that they only happen every four years makes it even more special.  Now you know I have an opinion on everything, and of course I have opinions about the Olympics.  Here are some of my rambling views.

·        Trampoline is an Olympic sport?!  Really?!  Are you kidding me?!  My seven-year-old cousin could do that!  She’s pretty good on a trampoline.  The IOC got rid of baseball and softball, but they put in trampoline?!  I’m still questioning this one.

·        Water polo.  Men in Speedos.  ‘Nuff said.

·        Russian gymnasts need to get over themselves.  Listen up, chickies.  You aren’t always going to win.  Suck it up.

·       Speaking of gymnastics, when did it become appropriate to pay judges for an appeal?  Does the mafia run gymnastics now?  What do they do with this money?  Seems a little shady to me.

·        Swimming.  More men in Speedos.

·        I love watching Debbie Phelps.  She’s awesome.  I love that Michael Phelps still gets all emotional even after winning 157 gold medals.  Shows you that his mama raised him right.

·        I didn’t like watching Ryan Lochte’s dad get all pissy after his son lost.  Shows you where this guy’s priorities are.  I was a big Lochte fan, but after all this I’m not so sure.  Oh yeah.  He also admits to peeing in the pool.  Major ewwwww factor.  Major.

·        Beach volleyball.  Not enough men in Speedos.

·        I wonder how many other swimmers pee in the pool.

·       Where does the 6’9” female Chinese basketball player buy clothes?  I’m pretty sure there aren’t many big and tall stores in China.

·       There is a U.S. volleyball player named Destiny Hooker.  Were her parents trying for a self-fulfilling prophecy?  Thankfully she got into volleyball instead of street walking.

·       Why aren’t the field events shown more on TV?  Last night we got a 15 minute analysis of a 10 second race.  Long jump got about three minutes.  I want to see pole vaulting.  Javelin and shotput are cool.  We need to see more of that. 

·       Do you think Michael Phelps pees in the pool?

·       There should just be a 100 point rule in basketball whenever the Americans are playing, kind of like the 10 run rule in baseball. 

·       Do divers pee in the pool?

There’s only one more week of Olympic fun to be had, so watch and enjoy!