Thursday, January 17, 2008

I *heart* My Green Sweater!

Yeah, it's a strange title, but when I realized all the pics I wanted to include were of me wearing my green sweater I thought it appropriate. Let me just clarify that I do have other clothes!

First pic--this is what I looked like until last Saturday.

Second pic--here's what I look like now!
Yep, I'm a redhead! After seven years of going blonde, it was time for a change. I absolutely love it! It took me a few days to get used to it, but now I'm so glad I did. I'm hoping that it won't fry my poor hair like all the blonde did. New year, new hair.

Tonight I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people.

Janet, Monica, me & the green sweater, and Angela

We had dinner at Rocky and Carlo's. The four of us haven't been together since Christmas, when the above pic was taken. I realize Christmas wasn't that long ago, but I miss my friends when I don't get to see them! It's so good to just chill out and hang with my girls. I can totally be myself when I'm with them. That's why they're such great friends!

I've been doing a lot of reading the last week or so. Some of you may be familiar with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I finally got a chance to read the books when Lauren lent them to me. OMG, they are amazing! If you don't know the premise, they're about a human girl in love with a vampire. I didn't want to put the first one down! I finished Twilight last night, and today I started New Moon. Eclipse, the third book, is waiting for me. Read these books! I promise you'll love them, even if you're not a vampire fan.

I couldn't leave without sharing some scrappy goodness. I did this page Sunday night, and it's my new favorite. No, it's not of me wearing my green sweater.

Isn't my cousin Kaitlin adorable? How can you resist that beautiful face!

Here's another fave. It's my man Puddy snuggled under the covers on the coldest day we've had in about three years! No, he wasn't wearing a green sweater.

The weekend is almost here, and it's a three-day weekend! Yippee! Sunday I will be glued to the TV watching the conference championship games. No matter which team wins the NFC Championship, I'll be pulling for them in the Super Bowl!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 07, 2008


LSU 38, Ohio State 24


More later. This Tiger fan is exhausted!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Welcome 2008!
Well, we've made it through another year! 2008 has arrived! The family and I had a wonderful time on New Year's Eve. The Miserendinos invited us and the Joneses over for a get-together. It was fun! I'm just so thankful that we are all happy and healthy and that more of our dear friends are finally home in "da parish."
The new year also ushered in some winter weather. Wednesday and Thursday were downright cold! The temps never made it out of the 30s. I realize that for some of you that's nothing, but New Orleans doesn't usually get that cold. I loved it, though! I may have been born and raised down here, but I have never gotten used to the hot and muggy N'awlins summers. Today was a beautiful day, sunny with temps in the 50s, but I was complaining that it was too warm! Oh well, can't please everyone!

We returned to school yesterday, and I can't say I was too happy about it. Oh sure, I was glad to see my friends and students, but it just didn't seem to make sense for us to go back for only two days. I think we'll all be in a better frame of mind once Monday rolls around. Monday also marks the beginning of the second semester. My students won't be leaving me since they have English all year, but it's still a time for a fresh start. I hope I'm blessed with a second semester that's as good as the first one!

I didn't do much scrapping over the holiday, mostly because my room is in disarray! We moved Daddy's exercise bike in here temporarily to make room for the Christmas tree. We also have totes, boxes, and wrapping paper all over. We plan to pack up the Christmas decorations this weekend, so hopefully I'll get to scrapping soon. I did do a few pages at the kitchen table last weekend while watching football. I have been organizing photos, so I hope I'll be able to scrap them very soon! Scrappin' Buds is having a 50% off sale through tomorrow, so I think I'll head over there and spend the GC I got for Christmas!

I found this scrapbook site yesterday, and I was soooo inspired by it. It's called Pencil Lines, and there's so much great stuff on it. I realize it may not be new to some of you, but if you haven't been there, check it out!

Happy Friday!