Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bad Luck, Giving Thanks, and Football It's been a crazy couple of weeks here. It all started two and a half weeks ago. Mom was playing with Ollie, my youngest cat, when his tooth accidentally caught her hand. He didn't bite her on purpose. By that evening her hand was red and swollen. She went to the doctor the next morning, and he put her on antibiotics. He told her that if the hand wasn't any better within 48 hours he wanted her to go to the ER. Well, the hand only got worse, so Mom went to the ER. She wound up spending four days in the hospital! The hand abcessed, so she had to have it lanced and debrieded. Yuck! Fortunately she is now OK. She went to the doctor today and had the stitches removed. Then on Saturday I had my own little accident. It had been raining all morning, and our front steps were wet and slick. I had the bright idea to go out in flip flops so I wouldn't mess up my good shoes. I only got as far as the first step. I slipped and bounced down the steps on my rear end. It hurt! I have large, lovely bruises on my butt and back. My left side has been very sore for the last two days. Guess that'll teach me to wear the proper shoes when it rains! Thank goodness neither of us had serious injuries. That reminds me, Thanksgiving was last Thursday. Despite everything that's happened over the last couple of months, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Any illnesses or injuries have been minor. We lost our home, but we have each other. We are living in a strange place, but we are surrounded by friends. Every night when I go to bed I thank God for the day. Something else to be thankful for, however trivial, is that the Saints finally won again last night! After six straight losses it was nice to have something to celebrate. I miss seeing my Saints in person. Hopefully next year they will be playing closer to N.O. and we will be in a position to go and see them again. Maybe next year things will be closer to normal. But then again, when you're talking about my family, nothing's ever quite normal!

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