Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ain't No Other Like My Mother
That's Mom and I in the picture on the left. Yep, she's one of a kind. I'm lucky to have her. My mom has been an amazing mom since the day I was born. You know how those pioneer women popped their kids out and went back to plowing the field? That's my mom. If we'd had a plow, she'd have been out plowing the back yard with me in a papoose. LOL I was born pretty quickly, and Mom was amazing through it all.

Mom has always been there for me. She is my #1 fan. She supports me no matter what. If I decided to work in a broom factory, she'd tell me to be the best broom maker in the history of brooms. I know that I'd have fallen apart after this hurricane if it weren't for her. We've all had our moments, but I like to think we keep each other going. I missed her so much when I went back to work!

Growing up, I know kids who wished they had a different mother. Not me. I knew how great I had it. I wouldn't trade my mom for anything. She is the best. Mom, I love you very much! You are the most awesome person in the world!

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