Friday, August 05, 2005

Things You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask
A few days ago my post consisted of questions from a survey I received in e-mail. Well I got another one, and since I think they're fun I'll answer the questions here.

1. What color are your kitchen plates? Whatever color paper plates I bought the other day.
2. What book are you reading now? Nothing currently, but the last one I read was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
3. What's on your mouse pad? Other than the mouse? I have a New Orleans Saints mouse pad.
4. What's your favorite board game? Trivial Pursuit
5.Favorite magazine? Creating Keepsakes
6. Favorite smell? Warm Vanilla Sugar Wallflower from Bath and Body Works
7. Least favorite smell? Farts and cat poop.
8. What's the first thing you think of first thing inthe morning? What time is it, and what day is it?
9. Favorite color? PINK
10. Least favorite color? poop green
11. How many rings before you answer the phone? At least 2
12. Future children's names? Brent and Madison
13. What's your goal in life? To make a difference in a child's life and to wear really cute clothes
14. Favorite actor? Tom Hanks
15. Favorite actress? Julia Roberts
16. Favorite non alcoholic drink? Diet Coke
17. If you could meet anyone, alive or dead who would it be? Jesus
18. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you want with you? Mom, Dad, & Debbie
19. How many brothers and sisters do you have? 1 baby sister
20. Favorite alcoholic drink? Chardonnay
21. What is your sign and birthday? Scorpio--November 18
22. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Nope
23. If you could have any job what would it be? I like the job I have now, being a teacher.
24. If you could have any color hair what would it be? I like my hair color now, dark brown with blonde highlights.
25. Is the glass half full or half empty? Half full, always!
26. Favorite movie? Gone with the Wind and all of the Harry Potter movies
27. Do you type with the right fingers on the keys? Yes
28. What's under your bed? Storage boxes and cat hair
29. What is your favorite number? 8
30. What is your favorite food? Stuffed artichokes
31. What is your single biggest fear? You know, I've never really thought about it. I guess it would be not being able to go shopping.
32. Favorite CD? Geez, this one's hard. "Decade" by Duran Duran. I don't know.
33. Favorite TV show? "Survivor" and "American Idol" They're also the only reality shows I like.
34. Ketchup or mustard? Actually, I prefer barbecue sauce.
35. Hamburgers or Hot dogs? Hamburgers
36. Favorite soft drink? Diet Coke
37. The best place you have ever been? Edinburgh, Scotland
38. What screen saver is on your computer right now? A slide show of the pictures I've uploaded on the 'puter
39. Burger king or McDonald's? McDonald's
40. Favorite pet? My wonderful furbabies: Puddy, Kirby, & Ollie. I wouldn't mind having a penguin, though.

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