Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Hometown Is Going to Be Famous! You must watch the NBC Nightly News on Sunday evening. (5:30 P.M. CST) Why, you ask? Well, my friend Alvin is one of the founders of a new Mardi Gras krewe that was supposed to begin parading in St. Bernard Parish this year. Katrina, however, threw a monkey wrench in the parish's Mardi Gras plans. The club decided that the people of St. Bernard needed a parade, so they successfully petitioned the parish council and there will be a parade in St. Bernard this Sunday afternoon. NBC has a bureau in New Orleans now, and when they heard about the parade they wanted to do a story on it. There will be an interview with Alvin and the krewe's captain. The story will show their destroyed homes and talks to the guys about why they want to return home and do so much for the parish. I think it's awesome that we will be getting some well-deserved positive publicity. Alvin brought Mom, Daddy, and me our official Knights of Nemesis t-shirts this evening so we can wear them to the parade on Sunday. The picture on the left is of the front of the shirt. I laughed when I saw the krewe's motto--Justice, Vengeance, Retribution. Isn't that how we all feel about that evil Katrina?! I'm excited to be going home for the day for something fun! I plan to take pictures at the parade and will share them afterwards. If you live in the N.O. area and are looking for something fun to do Sunday afternoon, come to "da parish." We'd love to have you!

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