Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Stuff Hello all! The first thing I want to post today is from an e-mail I received. (Thanks, Tara!) I like to post these random surveys when I get them in e-mail. Two Names You Go By 1. Bird--For those of you who don't know the story, I got this name when I was in high school. My sister couldn't spell my name; she'd write it as "Birdget." Somehow my friends found out, and it was shortened to Bird. Many of my old friends still call me that. 2. Derb--It's a shortened version of my last name. Several years ago my students began calling me Ms. Derb, and now most of my students do because it's easier than saying my whole last name. Also, many of my co-workers just call me Derb.

Two Parts of Your Heritage 1. Italian (Why do you think I talk with my hands?) 2. French

Two Things That Scare You 1. Bad weather--I wasn't scared of it until Katrina! 2. The future--it's so uncertain.

Two of Your Everyday Essentials 1. Sleep 2. Chocolate

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now 1. tee shirt 2. Christmas tree pajama pants (Yes, I do realize that it is February!)

Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment) 1. Michael Buble' 2. Kelly Clarkson

Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love) 1. honesty
2. fun

Two Truths 1. Prayer works. 2. Life is what you make it.

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You About the Opposite Sex. 1. eyes--first thing I notice! 2. smile

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies 1. Scrapbooking 2. Reading

Two Things You Want Really Badly 1. To go home 2. To have my own classroom again

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation 1. Ireland 2. New York

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die 1. Become a mother 2. Live life the way I want

Two Ways That You are Stereotyped 1. That I'm loud and chatty. Well, I am at times, but I'm really very quiet and introverted most of the time. 2. That I don't take things seriously.

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now 1. What book to read next 2. What to bring for lunch tomorrow

Two Stores You Shop at where you spend the most 1. Target 2. Scrappin' Buds
Two people you haven't talked to in a while 1. Lisa 2. Vicki

Two favorite web sites 1. (scrapbooking site) 2.

Two things you did last night 1. Watched American Idol and the Olympics 2. Read

Two shows you like to watch (currently airing) 1. American Idol 2. Survivor I know some of my scrapbooking friends read this blog, so I want to give a shout out to some important people. The first is my friend Jennifer. If you've read the March issue of Creating Keepsakes, then you've seen Jennifer and her famous chest. LOL Seriously, she is featured in the Embrace Your Space article. She has a beautiful armoire where she stores all of her scrapbooking supplies. It is awesome! If you know Jen, you know that she is not only a great scrapper but a wonderful person as well. Congratulations, Jennifer! Here's a link to the Creating Keepsakes website if you'd like to see. I'd also like to give a shout out to my friends at Scrappin' Buds. They are awesome! If you are ever in the Slidell area, you must stop by! Toni and Deborah are great ladies and the sweetest things. I feel like they've adopted me since I moved to the area. I'm spending Mardi Gras with them at a 24 hour crop. We will start cropping Monday evening and go all the way until Fat Tuesday evening! I can't wait! You can check out their website at Have a great one

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