Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter-versary!
Happy Easter to all of you! The resurrection of Christ brings hope to all of us. It's time for a new beginning. Spring is here (or summer if you look at the temperatures!). The New Orleans area is rebuilding.

Something important happened in our family today. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Yep, 40 years ago today Bob and Carol got married. It's amazing. In a world where so many marriages end in divorce, 40 years is a wonderful accomplishment. I am so proud to call these two people my parents. No, their life hasn't been perfect, but then again, no one's is. They have had their trials and tribulations, but they have worked through them to create a lasting and loving relationship. I was hoping to give them a party to celebrate, but Katrina wiped that out. We did spend the day, however, with some dear friends. It was a lovely day. I told them next year I'll give them a party for anniversary 41. We'll call it "forty-one-derful" years. Yeah, I know, bad pun. They deserve better than that.

Thank you, Mom and Daddy, for showing me what a marriage should be. Thank you for loving each other and loving your daughters. You are the greatest, and I love you both so very much!

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