Saturday, July 30, 2005

Who Let the Owls Out?
I have always been a night owl. It started way back when I was an itty bitty baby. I never slept at night. I did a great job of keeping my mom up all night. I was a few months old before I slept through the night. Mom was still up all night because she thought something was wrong with me. Well, I never outgrew that. As a teenager I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching MTV. I wasn't much of a party animal, but there were a few times in college where I stayed out until very late. Now as an adult I still enjoy being up late, although I'm still not much of a party animal. I use the wee hours to watch TV, scrapbook, do crossword puzzles, or play around on the computer (which I'm doing now). I spent one night a couple of years ago at an all night crop at my favorite scrapbook store. I created one of my favorite scrapbook pages at four in the morning! Sometimes, though, I'm not awake because I want to be. Last September my family evacuated to Texas because of the threat of Hurricane Ivan. When we returned home I went through a period of several weeks where I had trouble sleeping. I don' t know if it was the stress of the situation or the change in routine, but I couldn't fall asleep at night if my life depended on it.

Since I like to stay up so late at night, I also like to sleep late in the mornings. As a kid I'd sleep sometimes until noon. Mom used to fuss and say that I was sleeping my life away. I didn't see it that way. Nighttime was prime time. There was a lot more going on at 2 A.M. than there was at 8 A.M. It's kind of funny now because if I get up too early on my days off Mom will ask me why I didn't sleep in. I told her to make up her mind, am I sleeping my life away or not sleeping enough!

What's my problem tonight? I don't know. I didn't sleep particularly late this morning. OK, so I got up at 10 A.M., but that's early for me. Maybe it was the frozen coffee I drank earlier. (Note to self: Don't drink too much caffeine so late at night!) Perhaps I'm trying to be nocturnal like my cats. In fact, my sweet Kirby girl is on my lap now, wide awake and wanting to be loved. I guess I'd better try and get to sleep though. 10 A.M. comes awful early.

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